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[ March 25, 2020 ]

In accordance with government guidelines, we will temporarily suspend all in-person meetings (including Sunday break bread meeting and message). All meetings will now be online until further notice.

May the Lord bless your spirit, soul, and body with good health.


[ March 13, 2020 ]

Dear Parents:

Due to the recent announcement that Seattle Public Schools will close until April 24, we will also cancel our Chinese class and Sunday School until April 26, effective immediately.

We will continue to regularly monitor the situation and make further arrangements according to recommendations from the public health department. We will send out further announcements if we make any changes.

Your child's health and safety is our top priority. May the Lord bless your family with grace and peace.

Church of God in Seattle
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[ 2020年3月13日 ]




你們子女的健康是我們優先的關注。 願主耶穌的恩典、平安臨到每個家庭。


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2020 Summer Day Camp

The Church of God in Seatle

In 1997, a group of Christians from the Church of God in Vancouver followed the address sent from Maryland and came to Seattle. After several hours’ drive, they arrived safely and found the family and student who emigrated from Hong Kong. Afterwards, the Lord Jesus sent a gospel team from Hong Kong to start the work in Seattle. By His grace, the Church of God in Seattle appeared.

Praise the Lord! Truly, the gospel of Christ is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes. One family after another, they believed in God. They often draw near to God and sing to Him, enjoying family life with one another. Their hearts are filled with warmth and joy.

With the grace of God and His preparation, we moved in this meeting place in 2003 and we started to have Children Sunday School and Chinese Class. Now we have two classes in Sunday School and three levels of Chinese classes. The Lord Jesus really treasures these children that they could get to know Him when they were still young and they follow Him from young to old. The children back then are now studying in high schools, colleges and universities. They pursue the Lord together, join fellowship and prayer meeting, and take initiatives to serve the Lord. The university students had even greater changes. They joined in the workforce. Many of them got married and even became parents. They organize working group fellowship and actively support the ministries and activities in the church. The adult fellowship is the pillar of the church. They welcome others to go to their place to join cell groups, love feasts and family gathering. Those moments are unforgettable. Give thanks to God that He has prepared this precious warm family for those who are drifting.

We are closely connected with the churches in about 60 cities over 20 countries over the world. In the US, we have meeting places in San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Boston, New York, Maryland and Atlanta. We support and help one another.

We are confident in the Bible and we treasure our life. In the days ahead, we hope to be the greatest blessing to the community and Seattle. We have tremendous vision and mission and hope you can join us. We want to follow the teachings of the Bible closely, and to share God’s love and salvation with others in order to glorify God and benefit man.

Dear friends, we desire to understand God’s unfathomable riches with brothers and sisters from various meeting places. Also we want to build God’s loving family together. We also need your support. Everyone is welcome to contact us.