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[ March 25, 2020 ]

In accordance with government guidelines, we will temporarily suspend all in-person meetings (including Sunday break bread meeting and message). All meetings will now be online until further notice.

May the Lord bless your spirit, soul, and body with good health.


[ March 13, 2020 ]

Dear Parents:

Due to the recent announcement that Seattle Public Schools will close until April 24, we will also cancel our Chinese class and Sunday School until April 26, effective immediately.

We will continue to regularly monitor the situation and make further arrangements according to recommendations from the public health department. We will send out further announcements if we make any changes.

Your child's health and safety is our top priority. May the Lord bless your family with grace and peace.

Church of God in Seattle
Light and Love Home


[ 2020年3月13日 ]




你們子女的健康是我們優先的關注。 願主耶穌的恩典、平安臨到每個家庭。


An Open Door 大大開門

(Translated by Lydia Zhang)


As time is a concern, I cannot describe in detailed how the Lord has fabulously pathed our charity work.

從2004年南亞海嘯籌款活動,溫哥華光愛中心「非正式地」開始了世界各 地的慈惠服務,從一個地區,從一項服務,發展到今天,我們已建立了一點基礎。這幾年間,也製作一些單張、年報、錄像,作為記錄及宣傳。這樣的慈惠服務,不 單祝福當地的貧窮人,更令我們建立正面形象,在基督徒及未信主朋友的社區中有好名聲,為神的愛作見證,為福音鋪路。

Since we had had the fund raising activity for the tsunami of South Asia in the year of 2004, Light and Love Home in Vancouver “unofficially” started from a small region and a tiny service unto today we have the charity services in different parts of the world. It shows that we have built a little foundation.  Within these years, we also have produced some leaflets, annual newsletters, and videos for the purpose of recording and advertising.  This kind of charity service, not only has been a blessing for the poors, but has also built up a positive image for us to have good names among the Christians and in the communities of the non-believers.  It could be benefitual for us to testify the love of God and to spread out the gospel.

去年10月,從UBC大學弟兄收到的一封電郵,是關於免費機票的申請。主一 步步擴張我們的境界。其實,這是為一項為學生而設的計劃,但弟兄姊妹鼓勵我申請,我抱著姑且一試的心情,寄上申請,不料負責董事對溫哥華光愛中心所有服 務,很有興趣,更約見面談,我便有機會作見證和介紹,她實在希奇及讚賞我們所作的。就這樣,我們共有七位弟兄姊妹成功得到免費機票,而我更得到穿梭於溫哥華、香港、尼泊爾、新加坡及非洲的機票。

Last October, a brother from the University of British Columbia (UBC) received an email about the application of free flight tickets.  The Lord has been enlarging our territories step by step.  Actually, it was only a plan for students, but under the encouragement of b/s, I applied, just for a try.  Unexpectedly, the director was very interested in all the services Light and Love Home in Vancouver held.  She also scheduled an interview for us, so we could have an opportunity to testify and to introduce the work of the Lord.  She was indeed very astonished about and admired of what we had done.  As a result, we, seven b/s in all, received free flight tickets.  For me, I especially received free flight tickets for multi-city trips of Vancouver, Hong Kong, Nepal, Singapore, and Africa.


This director invited us to start our services and gospel work in an elderly centre located in China Town.  Through her recommendation, everything went smoothly.  Right now, we do not only provide services and activities, we can also have fellowship in a building.  There would be more than ten elderly joined in each time.


Through this director’s recommendation, we could conduct a photo exhibition in Chinese Christian Mission (CCM) Centre in Vancouver.  The location and time for this exhibition were very favourable for b/s’ relatives, friends, and b/s from other churches to come. Quite a lot of people attended it.


A brother, a journalist from Sing Tao Daily, who attended a Sunday meeting at CCM Centre as his church lent its place, took the initiative to approach us and interview us after viewing our poster.  He published very positive and inspiring articles about us.


Coincidentally, the person in charge of the UBC library, also attended meetings at CCM Centre, got to know our exhibition at CCM Centre.  He took the initiative in recommending us to run the exhibition at the exhibition hall in their library.  At that time, he still did not have a chance to view our exhibition.  After he viewed it, he thought it was good and has accepted our application.  The next available date for the exhibition would be the coming August.


He stepped forward to invite us to have a presentation in the lecture hall of the library in October before the one I mentioned previously.  He suggested us to use the big television of the hall to show photos and messages.  Let us look at the following photos.  You would know what kind of location and opportunity we will have! In here, it is quite busy, so there will be a lot of advantages for us to reach out.


In September, we were allowed to have a small exhibition outside the UBC bookstore.  Besides advertisement, we could also sell our products and accept donations.


Furthermore, some church leaders would like to invite us to share our experiences with them.  The admiration of the person in charge of CCM is a great inspiration for us.

最後,我想說出,舉辦攝影展的地點是麗晶廣場,是中國人的商場;我們 在展覧期間遇上商場的節目推廣負責人,她邀請我們在food court表演,不是一次,甚至是每月最少一次。她是一位基督徒,她歡迎我們表達有關於主的內容及見證,她邀請我們在12月18日及25日分享和表演。這 使我想起以前在香港各區的「地區戰」,但現在不用搬椅子,不用搭舞台,不用自費設置音響。

Lastly, let me tell you that the place we held the photo exhibition was Crystal Square Mall, a Chinese shopping mall.  During the exhibition, we met the person in charge of the program promotion.  She invited us to have performances in their food court, not only once, but at least once per month.  She is a Christian, and she welcomes us to present performances with contents related to the Lord and our testimonies.  She invited us to hold such performances on the 18th and the 25th of December. This makes me recall the gospel outreaches within communities which were used to be held in Hong Kong. The differences between the two are that we no longer have to carry lots of chairs, to set up the stages, or to pay for the A/V equipments any more.


There are many different opportunities.  We are now planning and praying for the upcoming events.


I remember that the Lord has promised the church in Philadelphia, an open door, that no one can shut it.  Although we just have a little strength, when we keep the Lord’s word, He will open a door for us.


We must be well prepared in order to step forward onto the next page!