Focus of Our Ministry 我們事奉的重點

We commit ourselves to God’s purpose and men’s needs. With the same heart with God, we love others. Yet, we first deeply draw near to the Lord. Through prayers we are same heart with the Lord and work with Him. So, we can experience the work of the Holy Spirit even greater.

Moreover, we fervently love others and preach the gospel till the ends of the earth. We share the gospel to everyone whom God loves and treasures, so that they may become the children of God, getting out of darkness into marvelous light.

We spread the gospel to all tribes, all tongues, all peoples and all nations.

We preach the unsearchable riches of Christ and present every man perfect in Christ Jesus. We also raise up brothers and sisters to be the Lord’s best friend and channels of blessings.

We lead all children of God to live out the church in love and unity.

We build the church after God’s heart, the glorious household of God, according to the Lord’s word in various cities over the world. We aim to accomplish the church and be prepared for the Lord’s second coming.

Christ and the church, the core of God’s will, are also our greatest treasure, whom we love the most till eternity!




面對普世人的罪惡與痛苦,我們火熱的去愛人、助人並傳福音到 地極,給每一個神所愛所寶貴的人聽,使人能以出黑暗,進入奇妙的光明,成為神的兒女。