A Lovely and Eternal Home 可愛永恆的家

A Lovely and Eternal Home

The church is neither a building nor an organization. It is a congregation called by God from the world. The Holy Spirit binds the born-again together into a body, namely the body of Christ. They share the same mind with the Lord an with each other. They present themselves in every place as the church of that place.

  • The church is the core of God’s plan in eternity, the most precious in His heart.
  • The church was given different designations in the Bible to explain its real status, values and glory, for example:
    • The church is the land cultivated by God, and the house built by Him.
    • The church is the pillar and support of the truth, and the golden lampstand.
    • The church is the kingdom and army of God.
    • The church is a chosen race, a royal priesthood, and a people for God’s possession.
    • The church is the sheep of the Lord.
    • The church is a new man.
    • The church is the body of Christ.
    • The church is God’s temple, spiritual house and dwelling place.
    • The church is so precious that it is even the bride of Christ and the household of God!

We are the members of the household of God, having the closest and eternal relationship and intimacy with God and the brothers.

We should love each other deeply and be rooted in the household of God: lead a normal church life, share the abundance of God’s house and flourish in the courts of God.

The surpassing love of God, Christ and the church are our vision and encouragement; our everlasting joy and dwelling place.

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  • 教會是神永恆計劃中最核心的心意,是神心中最寶貴的。
  • 聖經用不同的稱號,說明教會的實質、寶貴與榮耀。如:
    • 教會是神所耕種的田地與所建造的房屋。
    • 教會是真理的柱石和根基,也是金燈台。
    • 教會是神的國與軍隊。
    • 教會是被揀選的種族,是有君尊的祭司團、是屬神的子民。
    • 教會是主的羊群。
    • 教會是一個新人。
    • 教會是基督的身體。
    • 教會是神的殿、靈宮與居所。
    • 教會何等寶貴!竟也是基督的新婦,和永生神的家!
    • 我們是神家裡的人,與神和弟兄們都有最深、永恆的關係與親情。
    • 我們要最深地相愛,生根在神的家中,過正常的教會生活,享受殿裡的肥甘,發旺在神的家裡!


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