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[ March 25, 2020 ]

In accordance with government guidelines, we will temporarily suspend all in-person meetings (including Sunday break bread meeting and message). All meetings will now be online until further notice.

May the Lord bless your spirit, soul, and body with good health.


[ March 13, 2020 ]

Dear Parents:

Due to the recent announcement that Seattle Public Schools will close until April 24, we will also cancel our Chinese class and Sunday School until April 26, effective immediately.

We will continue to regularly monitor the situation and make further arrangements according to recommendations from the public health department. We will send out further announcements if we make any changes.

Your child's health and safety is our top priority. May the Lord bless your family with grace and peace.

Church of God in Seattle
Light and Love Home


[ 2020年3月13日 ]




你們子女的健康是我們優先的關注。 願主耶穌的恩典、平安臨到每個家庭。


The Foci of Christian Life 信徒生活的焦點

The Foci of Christian Life


After we are justified by faith, we should continually live by faith in God (Galatians 2:20). By the Word of God, the enlightening an teaching of the Spirit, the experience of the work of God, the fellowship with the Lord and the sharing with brothers and sisters, our knowledge about God grows in depth gradually and our faith and love towards Him increase.

Desiring God, calling upon Him, relying on Him, entrusting ourselves to Him, trusting in Him, drawing near to Him and obeying Him…, all these show our faith.

We should always draw near to God personally and also together with brothers. Reading His Word always and pouring our hearts before Him help us to build up a closer relationship with Him. Our hearts will be glorified and strengthened through knowing Him and drawing near to Him face to face. By faith, we shall be supplied with all our needs. We can overcome the world, walk with courage and do greater things! (Hebrews 11)


Love is the greatest! Our greatest and ultimate purpose is to love God and to love men. By faith, we draw near to God and imitate His unselfish, giving and unconditional love. This love brings about every moral excellence and labor of love. But still we have to learn to love with more wisdom and knowledge, and to practice it in all aspects of our life, so that we are well equipped for every good work.


Through the Word of God, we know about the mystery of God, and men, and the universe, the coming of the Lord Jesus, and the infinite, glorious plan of God in eternity. We should be full of hope for the future that lies ahead. Our life, therefore, is very meaningful, foe we know our present life affects our eternity. We know that our toil is not in vain in the Lord. Hope brings about perseverance that we can smile at the storm, or in the valley of shadow, or in all sufferings.

  • We believe in the resurrection of the body.
  • We are waiting for the coming of our dear Lord and the great congregation in heaven!
  • We desire the better homeland and warm Fatherly home in heaven!
  • We long for new heavens and a new earth, in which righteousness dwells!

Come, Lord Jesus!

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  • 我們相信身體復活。
  • 我們等候親愛主的再來與甜蜜的大團聚!
  • 我們羡慕天上那個更美的家鄉和溫暖的父家!
  • 我們盼望新天新地,有義居在其中!


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